Yoga Nidra is bliss. If you haven’t tried it I really encourage you to do so. This ancient practice of deep relaxation was created by yogies 5,000 years ago and was found and modernised in the 1970’s by Swarmi Satyananda. Amazingly it’s as relevant now as it was then. Feeling stressed, anxious or exhausted? Do Yoga Nidra. Want more energy, to feel calmer, to totally relax? Do Yoga Nidra. If you’re finding it hard to sleep, if you can’t switch off, if you feel anxious. Do Yoga Nidra. If it sounds like a sort of elixir, it is! Just 20 minutes of this practice is like having 2 hours of really deep refreshing sleep. It like riding a super highway to relaxation and calm.

As many of you know trying to conceive is not for the faint hearted. It’s stressful and exhausting. Keeping motivation and energy levels up to be able to keep going towards your goal of becoming a mother can be tough. So knowing how to use tools that deeply relax and calm your nervous system can not only be useful, they’re also essential. And unlike a sitting meditation or a breathing technique this guided relaxation practice is done lying down on your back with your hands by your sides, so anyone can do it. It really is a treat for tired bodies and anxious minds. One of the most powerful aspects is the sanculpa or wish which you are asked to say to yourself in the present tense as if it’s already happened and repeat it 3 times. I like to think of this as lovingly planting tiny seeds of positivity and change in your mind. You could say something like ‘I am healthy and fertile’, ‘I am open for my baby to coming to me’, or ‘my body is ready to create a healthy baby’. This sanculpa is repeated twice through the practice, once at the beginning and again at the end to gently but powerfully reinforce to yourself what you want. It allows this wish to sit deeply in your cells, snuggling into your subconscious to help you stay calm and focused on what you want, supporting you when life throws it’s inevitable curve ball to you.

If you practice Yoga Nidra regularly you will gradually start notice differences off of the mat. And isn’t that the reason why we do all this practice? So that we feel happier and lighter and more able to cope with the stresses of our fertility journey. We know that we feel better and make better decisions when we are centred and calm. Yoga Nidra is one the golden tools in your tool box that can support you when times are tough, and help bring you back into control to feel balanced and calm. Research it, try it and then practice it in ernest so that it can support you when you really need it.

*So happy to share in my newsletter this week my own 25 minute Yoga Nidra deep relaxation (audio file). Download and use it for your own daily practice or use it to find peace when you really need it. Let the nurturing begin!