Have you tried yoga mudras to alleviate sadness? A mudra is yoga with your hands. The word actually means ‘seal’ or ‘closure. I like to think of it as closing a circuit of energy in the body to increase the power of what you are focusing on. Usually you place your hands or fingers in a specific position as you breathe or meditate.

Here’s an example: if you’re feeling sad you might like to use ‘Anaharta Chakra Mudra’ (see pic). You know already that by sitting and using your breathing techniques to soften and open the heart you feel better. If you add a mudra to this practice it’s a bit like adding a big cherry on the top of your calming cake. It makes your practice super charged. Different areas of the body (in this case the heart) are connected to areas in the brain. By placing your fingers in a certain way you influence the energies of your body on your mood. This is a subtle practice which has been used by yogies for 5000 years. You might not feel the effects straight away, but with time and commitment you may feel that your sadness dissipates and in it’s place comes ease and acceptance.