Twisting yoga poses for fertility help to soften and open the hips. Those of us with fertility issues often find the hips and hip flexors are tight, distorting the relationship between the pelvis and the spine and causing a sway back. The shoulders pitch forwards and the tail bone moves up and back. The hip and waist joints are compressed. All these things make it difficult for blood to flow where we need it, in our reproductive organs.

Poses that open the hips like pigeon, squats, lunges and this pose, half happy baby pose, allow the hips to gently stretch and open, bringing a greater blood supply to the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes. If you have endometriosis or fibroids these type of poses are particularly beneficial. In half happy baby the bent leg in the air gently massages the reproductive organs on that side, restricting blood flow. When you come out of the pose this whole area is nourished by fresh, oxygenated blood which positively impacts your fertility.

To get into this pose lie on your back and extend your left leg straight along the mat (see pic). Make sure the foot is active so you turn on the big muscles in the thigh and calf. Bring your right knee into the chest and hug it towards you. Slowly raise your right leg and grab the outside of the foot (if you can’t grab it, hold onto your calf instead). Flex the right foot and bring the leg wide so that the right knee is directly above the right armpit. Make sure that your tailbone is tucked under and stay here and breathe. Soften your face, relax your jaw. Make the exhale longer than your inhale (inhale 2 counts, exhale 4 counts). Do this 5 times. Gently release and hug both knees in towards the chest. Rock from side to side and notice the stretch you’ve created in your right hip. How does it feel? Repeat on the opposite side.