Another great TTC yoga pose: Wide leg standing forward fold with twist (Parivrtta Prasarita Padottanasana). This pose helps you to wring out any stress that may have come to you this week.  If your chest is tight and your heart is feeling sad from your ttc journey this is a great pose to include in your practice. When we have lots on and we feel out of control our breath changes. We breathe from the chest and it feels short and tight like we are literally gasping for breath. Twists help us to reverse this cycle in the body. They squeeze our organs, wring us out and help us to release tension in the process.

Start in a wide legged standing forward fold and place your hands on the floor in between your legs. Slightly pigeon toe the feet so they turn in, and if you have a sore lower back bend the knees. If you hands don’t comfortably touch the floor then grab a block to support you. Make sure that your legs are really switched on (pull up the inside arches and press down on the outside edge of each foot). Place one hand on the block and the other hand on the lower back with the fingers pointing down towards the glutes. This allows the raised shoulder to open and the torso to lengthen across the chest, softening and releasing tension. Then if the breath is smooth raise the arm in the air above you so the shoulders and the hands are stacked over one another.

This wonderful open twist wrings out any anxiety and stress and helps the mind to settle and find calm. As always the breath is key here. Take 5 slow deep breaths on each side and roll up to standing. Notice how you feel.