Today I’m writing ttc tips about how softening is the key to healing.

Soften. This journey can harden us up. I’ve been there, I’ve felt it and I know you have too. When you go through tough times you want to protect yourself and shut out anything that’s soft and gentle and kind. That mother walking down the street with her toddler, the constant pregnant bellies that walk past you on the pavement, your sister who rings to tell you the good news. When we feel sad or hurt our posture changes. Our shoulders turn inwards, the back rounds and it’s literally like we are protecting our heart from the barrage of hurtful emotions and images. If this is you too, notice that you feel this way. The first step to any change is awareness. Then try this: Supta baddha konasana (reclined bound angle pose) helps to reverse this postural ‘turning in’. It allows the shoulders to roll back, the heart to open. When you’re there, breathe. Feel the tightness in your chest and breathe it out. Soften your heart and let whatever comes up happen. If you cry, feel sad, angry it’s OK. This softening starts the process of healing. Start this today.