TTC: Sometimes you learn the most about who you are from the hardest of circumstances. You grow a lot more from what’s going wrong in your life than what’s going right. Annoying but true.

You understand the real meaning of being brave in the face of adversity. When what you are going through is truly frightening and you’re not sure how you’ll cope, but you are still able to come out the other side a little battered and worn but alive. You learn how important and hard it is to love your body even when you feel it is letting you down. You appreciate the support and thoughtfulness from those nearest to you who love you, and those who don’t know you at all but understand your journey having been there themselves.

For many of our our TTC journey is fraught with emotion. When you’re in the middle of it it’s hard to even think about what you are gaining because of your experience. I remember thinking ‘don’t tell me that what I’m going through is a blessing’, (it certainly was about as far away from that as I could imagine). But whether you like it or not the fertility issues that you are facing now will have changed you. If nothing else you will be more resilient and certainly wiser, and I believe you’ll be a different mother because of them too.

When I think back to my own journey I was so hard on myself (something that I always needed to work on). Having gone through 5 long years of TTC and come out the other side, now with awareness I am able to notice when these tendencies crop up, and make kinder, more compassionate decisions to get me through. Your experiences shape and mould you so you can expand and grow into your full potential. Know this. Feel this. Believe this truth.