TTC: ‘Scuse the expletive, but I love this photo. If you were to unfuck yourself, what age would that be? When was it you felt balanced, calm and strong? When did you feel you could take on the world and do ANYTHING and be anyone? Think back to who you were then. Can you remember how you felt?

The reason I bring this up is that so often we put our lives on hold for our fertility issues. You don’t go for that promotion at work because this time next year you might be pregnant. You put off planning your next holiday to Bali because it will probably clash with your next cycle. Can you relate? I know I can. When I put this post up on my Insta feed, one of my followers wrote me this note… “A very timely post. I just bought Kiss tickets. It’s not till December 2019 and I’ve spent the last four years thinking..’oh I’ll probably be pregnant or have a little baby by then so I won’t bother.’ But f*** that life limiting mentality. I’m going to see Kiss!” I love this. It’s such a great shift in mentality. Our fertility issues consume us today, but so often they also they hijack our plans for the future as well.

Sometimes, as you ttc, you need to consciously remind yourself who you really are (before the disappointments, sadness, tests, shots and scans). At times, it’s easy to forget that person even still exists when you’re going through something tough. But here’s the thing. She’s still in there. A little bruised maybe, a bit worn down and tender, but she exists. What have you been putting off doing that would make your life happier? Get out those salsa shoes, dust off the camping tent, sign up for that art course. Your fertility issues are part of you, but not all of you. You are so much more. This is the real you.