TTC: How often have you compared yourself with pregnant friends, family or even strangers on Facebook or Instagram? If you’re anything like me, you will have done this. Many. Times. We know that we shouldn’t but it’s so hard when it’s in your face. It’s easy to feel that others have all the luck and you got on the wrong train to happiness.

My friend Stella told me, ‘I have a great friend at work who told me that she wanted to get pregnant, but she said that wouldn’t try this month as she had a big party to go to and she wanted to let her hair down. A month later she came up to me saying, ‘Guess what, I’m pregnant. I happened straight away. I guess my ovaries just couldn’t wait!’ I was so upset that it happened so easily for her, and we’ve been struggling for so long. I know I should feel happy for her but it just feels so unfair.’

Maybe you can relate to Stella’s story. I know I can.  It’s not that you’re not happy for them, it just makes you feel that your situation is even more desperate. It can feel that they’ve got all the baby dust and there is none left over for you. If you have felt this, you’re not alone. It’s very common to feel this way as you ttc.

When working out the best way ahead let go of any pressure you’ve put on yourself to be a certain way. It takes patience to be happy for someone who has what you so desperately want. Know at the very moment when you are not acting from your highest self, is the time to give yourself a break and be kind. Reframing thoughts to believe when others have luck it’s possible for you to have some too, opens you up to possibility.