Today I’m writing about TTC and how slowing life down might just bring you your longed for baby.

Do nothing. When you’re TTC and in the middle of fertility treatments and natural fertility it’s hard to relate to these two simple words. We spend so much time focused on making it happen – we reduce alcohol and caffeine. We eat well, take vitamins, exercise, do acupuncture, herbs, IVF…the list goes on and on. If you’re feeling exhausted stop for a little while, take a break. When you realise that you have done absolutely everything you can and you can’t do more, doing nothing is the next step. I know this is hard, I really do. The chatter in our minds keeps telling us we’ve not got much time, we’re getting older, we only have this small window. Push hard now…

Whether you realise it or not your life is speeding up, not slowing down, so this message of ‘doing nothing’ goes against every fibre of your being. Can you relate? I know I can. Your body needs to be calm and balanced to make a healthy baby, not be in survival mode. So how do you bring yourself back into balance? First, look at how you are behaving and notice the patterns that you fall into when you are stressed. Awareness is the key to all change and from here you can start the process of bringing yourself back into balance. You need to shake things up, do things differently. Take your foot off the pedal and start to slow down. Once you have stopped and caught your breath you can then look at replacing busyness with replenishment. So how do you do this?  Well, you get on your yoga mat. You practice simple but powerful breathing techniques to reduce anxiety and make you feel calm. You take gentle fertility yoga classes that replenishes your system. You learn mantras and take mindset discussion classes to reframe negative thinking and make you more compassionate towards yourself and others. Over time you start to notice shifts not only in how your body is feeling but more importantly how you feel within yourself.

My 4 week online fertility yoga course will teach you simple but powerful tools & techniques to help you find balance. If you feel stressed or anxious I would love you to join me.