TTC: Here’s an easy and powerful tool to reduce anger and help you sleep.  I’ve had a few of you contact me this week saying that you’re finding it hard to switch off and get a good nights rest. This technique has helped me through many challenging and difficult times as I ttc-ed. It’s an antidote to anger but it’s also wonderful to practice before you go to bed. If you feel anxious, stressed or nervous about a particular situation or medical procedure, try this.

This technique is called Bhramari Bee breath. Bhramari in sanskrit means ‘bee’, and it’s the humming sound that a black bee makes going about its work. In the practice you restrict two of your senses, sight and sound. This will pep-up the effects and help you release anger come home to your calm centre.

Try this with me.

  1. Close your eyes. Inhale through the nose. As you exhale hum to the end of your breath.
  2. Now place your index fingers in each ear, allow your elbows to be wide so they are in line with your shoulders, rest the other fingers on the side of your head (thumbs touching the upper jaw, fingers spread on the head)
  3. Now inhale through the nose and hum again, just once to the end of your breath. Make sure that you’re blocking off the sound gently through the index fingers. You will notice that the sound now in the head is much louder, much more pronounced.
  4. When you do this again, as you hum out see if you can focus on your forehead and make it reverberate as much as possible with the sound of the hum. Keep the jaw soft.
  5. Practice 9 rounds of this hum with your fingers in your ears. Take you time. Hum out loudly and slowly, allowing the forehead to reverberate with each hum.
  6. At the end of the practice release your hands onto your thighs. Keep the eyes closed. Just feel it. What do you notice? You may find that your mind has totally cleared, that your anger has lessened. You may find you have a deep sense of relaxation and calm, or maybe you don’t feel any of these things and that’s fine too. No judgement, just notice.