TTC: If you are not naturally patient, your ttc journey usually gives you a crash course in it. I hated having to be patient. Waiting has never been my strong point. I wanted to be at the end of the road with my babe in my arms. I didn’t want to be told to ‘hold tight’ ‘to take it one day at a time’.

But here are 5 key things I learnt whilst waiting, (which annoyingly made waiting a valuable lesson for me.) You might have found these things too.

5 lessons I learnt whilst waiting

  1. You are able capable of enormous resilience that helps to keep you going, sometimes against desperate odds.
  2. You learn who your real friends are.
  3. You learn that being kind when you fail (rather than giving yourself a hard time), encourages you to try again.
  4. You learn that the best way to feel happier is to allow yourself to feel unhappy at times.
  5. You have a new appreciation of gratitude when things do go your way.

Over the past few weeks, I have been reading Nataly Kogan’s wonderful book Happier Now. In it, she writes, ‘Allowing ourselves to feel the full range of emotions, including the ones we see as ‘negative’, offers us a gentler, more inclusive and forgiving path towards happiness and a sense of inner strength and peace. This really resonates with me.

If you knew your baby was nearly here, what would you do differently?

Is it possible to bring some lightness, relief or happiness into your life right now, (even if you’re not where you want to be yet?) Ask yourself, ‘What are you grateful for?’ ‘What makes you happy?’ This doesn’t negate the difficulties you are experiencing, it just allows you to gain a more rounded perspective of what is going on.

Learning to be patient and having to keep the faith that things will turn out as you wish, is hard. Understanding that the waiting will not go on forever, and it is not always going to be this way, is a powerful reflection. In the mean time can you breathe out and trust that something wonderful is just around the corner waiting for you?

*TTC Trying to Conceive