Today I’m writing about practicing Sleeping-Frog yoga pose to support your reproductive organs when TTC. If you’ve got tight hips you’re not alone. Those of us with fertility issues often have tight hips and hip flexors. This tightness distorts the relationship between the pelvis and the spine (and gives you a sway back). You may notice that your shoulders and head tilt forwards and your tailbone moves up and back. This tightness affects your fertility as it decreases blood flow to the reproductive organs.  One way to bring the body back into alignment is to practice TTC yoga poses that soften and open the hip flexors like this one – Sleeping Frog.

I love poses that make you lie on your front. As soon as you do you turn on your rest & digest response which makes you feel calmer. In this pose use a folded blanket to place your feet on (if your hips are really tight you can use a block or bolster instead). Close your eyes and rest your forehead on your hands at your 3rd eye. This gentle pressure on the forehead helps to slow the thoughts and calm the mind. Now focus on the breath. Take 10 slow belly breaths here, gently pressing the belly into the floor as you inhale, and softening on the exhale. Count in for 2 counts and out for 4 counts. If you are particularly tight in the hips then make a gentle ‘haaaa’ sound as you exhale, releasing tension as you breathe. Come out and slowly roll onto your back. Hug your knees into your chest and rock side to side or come into Happy Baby pose to release your lower back. Notice how your hips feel. Try to include this in your practice regularly to encourage the hips to soften and open to support your fertility.