Fertility Transitions

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You might have decided to start fertility treatments and are feeling anxious and unsure about which way to turn. Maybe you’ve been trying to conceive for a while and you’re feeling strung out and exhausted and looking for ways to feel calmer and more in control.

Perhaps you’re at the end of your fertility journey and want to work out what to do next. Maybe you are navigating difficult relationships with family and friends and need some support.

You might feel overwhelmed by financial stress surrounding your journey and want to create a plan to support your path to motherhood.


Together we will explore ways to help you get from where you are now to where you want to go.

By developing a plan of action, and then monitoring and evaluating how you are tracking against that plan, fertility coaching allows you to identify what is not working in your life, and encourages you to do more of what is.

You will receive my book Regain Control Of Your Fertility Journey for free. This book is a toolkit of skills, providing practical tools and simple routines so you’ll be in the best possible shape to bring a baby into your life.

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Client Testimonials

If there was one word to sum up Mel’s coaching it would be ’empowering’. I feel so much more confident in myself and how I navigate my treatments. Her kind advice and suggestions felt easy to integrate into my life.”

Li Na: Sydney, Aust

Since we started fertility treatments I’ve been feeling anxious and uncertain. Having worked with Mel for the past 6 months I now feel much more in control because I have tools I can use when things get tough. It’s a huge relief.”

Zali: London, UK

“I’d been feeling lost and exhausted after my miscarriage. Mel’s gentle support strategies have encouraged me to be kinder to my body and my heart. The breathing tools I have learnt have been life changing.”

Lucy: Dorset, UK

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