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Melinda Rushe

Since 2008 I’ve been helping women find calm during their fertility journey. This blog is a home for all things yoga and fertility. I write about breathing techniques that reduce stress and find calm, poses that bring a greater blood supply to the reproductive organs and lots of posts about reframing thoughts to balance out negative thinking. If you’re feeling anxious about your fertility journey, come and join our community of women who are travelling a similar path.


TTC: What Secrets Are You Hiding As You TTC?

TTC: What secrets are you hiding as you ttc? We all have thoughts that we want to keep hidden. At times it can feel like they consume us. Our stories can feel so real it’s hard to [...]

TTC: Understanding the 2 types of fear within you

TTC: We've all felt fear at some point as we TTC, but how to manage this intense emotion? In Tara Mohr's wonderful book Playing Big, she writes about how the Rabbi and spiritual teacher Rabbi Alan Lew [...]

How being compassionate can help you keep going as you TTC

TTC: What is the difference between empathy and compassion - and how can this understanding help us as we TTC? Empathy is the capacity to feel what other people feel and be able to take [...]

TTC: 4 Steps To Heal Frustration And Blame

TTC: How often do you feel frustration and blame about what you're going through? For me, frustration was an emotion that seemed to be ever present as we ttc'ed. Blaming myself that my body wasn't [...]

TTC: How to let go of anger by being mindful

TTC: Anger. Feeling angry. Having angry thoughts. Hating what you're going through and who you think you've become. If you're on a ttc journey it is very likely that you will have come up against [...]

TTC: How to stop comparing yourself to pregnant strangers and friends

TTC: How often have you compared yourself with pregnant friends, family or even strangers on Facebook or Instagram? If you're anything like me, you will have done this. Many. Times. We know that we shouldn't [...]

TTC: How to forgive yourself (of blame, guilt and resentment)

TTC: How often have you felt emotions of guilt, blame and resentment as you ttc? Many times? Me too. How to start to forgive So how do you start to forgive yourself if you feel [...]

TTC: Why “I’ll be happy when…” doesn’t work

TTC: How many times have you told yourself "I'll be happy when ... (you fill in the blanks) my cycle starts to regulate/I get pregnant/I find the right donor/I get at least 10 good embryos/my [...]