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Melinda Rushe

Since 2008 I’ve been helping women find calm during their fertility journey. This blog is a home for all things yoga and fertility. I write about breathing techniques that reduce stress and find calm, poses that bring a greater blood supply to the reproductive organs and lots of posts about reframing thoughts to balance out negative thinking. If you’re feeling anxious about your fertility journey, come and join our community of women who are travelling a similar path.


TTC: Why the end of the year sucks when you’re TTC (and ways to help)

TTC: When you're trying to have a baby, the end of the year can bring up strong emotions (if it’s combined with a birthday, times that by ten). It’s easy to feel that you haven’t [...]

TTC: Awakening your inner child

TTC: This photo is of me around 4 or 5 years old. Goggles on head, cape towel around my shoulders. Robin to my brothers Batman. I love this photo. It reminds me who I really [...]

TTC: If you were to unfuck yourself, what age would you be?

TTC: ‘Scuse the expletive, but I love this photo. If you were to unfuck yourself, what age would that be? When was it you felt balanced, calm and strong? When did you feel you could [...]

TTC: Remember when you wanted what you currently have?

TTC: Remember when you wanted what you currently have? Can you cast your mind back to who you were then? This is not to negate what you are going through right now as you ttc, [...]

TTC: Why it’s impossible to fail at meditation

TTC*: How many of us know we should be meditating as we TTC but don't seem to make the time? Maybe you've tried it and decided that it's not for you. Perhaps you've practiced meditating [...]

TTC: 5 ways to get your relationship back on track

TTC: If you are feeling frustrated with your partner as you ttc, how do you get your relationship back on track? Let's talk a little about our love relationships with partners or husbands. Our fertility [...]

TTC: Don’t tell me to be grateful, I don’t want to hear it

TTC: When you're struggling to conceive, being grateful is not a natural first step. I clearly remember thinking, "Don't tell me to be grateful for my life if it's without a child." I didn't want to [...]

TTC: Shifting Perspective

TTC: Shifting perspective...when we’re in the thick of it, it can feel like this is the end game. We wonder how we're going to cope, and what will my life be like if I can't have [...]