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Melinda Rushe

Since 2008 I’ve been helping women find calm during their fertility journey. This blog is a home for all things yoga and fertility. I write about breathing techniques that reduce stress and find calm, poses that bring a greater blood supply to the reproductive organs and lots of posts about reframing thoughts to balance out negative thinking. If you’re feeling anxious about your fertility journey, come and join our community of women who are travelling a similar path.


TTC: How to forgive when you blame yourself

TTC: How do you forgive yourself when something happens and you feel you are to blame? Shame, blame and resentment are big part of a fertility journey for many of us. Forgiveness is how we [...]

TTC: 3 steps to harness anxious thoughts

TTC: How do you harness anxious thoughts? When you think about your fertility journey, what percentage of the time are you anxious? 50%? More? Many of us live with chronic anxiety as we ttc and [...]

TTC: Forgive and forget… Is it possible?

TTC: Is it really possible to forgive and forget? Forgiveness is hard, and it happens at a different pace for everyone. It takes space and time to process what you've gone through and that takes [...]

TTC: Why writing down the kind words you’d like to hear is a powerful practice

TTC: I saw this lovely post on my insta feed this week, about writing down the kinds words you'd like to hear on your fertility journey. (See pic above). So many of us resonated with [...]

TTC: A breathing practice to help you ‘stop freaking out’

TTC: Today I'm writing about a breathing practice to help you 'stop freaking out'. This is the actual name given to this particular technique by Yogi Bhajan, Spiritual Master and creator of the Kundalini Yoga [...]

TTC: Feeling annoyed & frustrated? This tool can help

TTC: My washing machine broke this week. It's been unwell for a while and I've been in denial, ignoring it. The haunting clanking noise it's been making has gone on for months, and then on [...]

TTC: Being 100% responsible – how your wellbeing isn’t hitched to how others act

TTC: How often do you feel that your wellbeing is hitched to how others act? Conflict can appear on many levels as you TTC, such as arguments with partners, disagreements with friends, or confrontations at [...]

TTC: How to manage difficult mothers

TTC: Let's talk about how to manage difficult mothers as you ttc*. Time and again I hear stories of anguish and heartache due to disappointing behaviour from the one person you need support from the [...]