Fertility Blog – Yoga for Fertility 

Melinda Rushe

Since 2008 I’ve been helping women find calm during their fertility journey. This blog is a home for all things yoga and fertility. I write about breathing techniques that reduce stress and find calm, poses that bring a greater blood supply to the reproductive organs and lots of posts about reframing thoughts to balance out negative thinking. If you’re feeling anxious about your fertility journey, come and join our community of women who are travelling a similar path.


TTC: Being 100% responsible – how your wellbeing isn’t hitched to how others act

TTC: How often do you feel that your wellbeing is hitched to how others act? Conflict can appear on many levels as you TTC, such as arguments with partners, disagreements with friends, or confrontations at [...]

TTC: What do you pay attention to? Moving from fear to freedom

TTC: Being aware of how you pay attention is a powerful practice. It can be a shock to realise how much your 'take' on situations can affect your reality. When we're having a hard time, [...]

TTC: A simple breathing tool to release blame

TTC: Blame is such a corrosive emotion. We all feel it yet we rarely talk about it. As a result it sits within us, heavy, tight and hot - and often we find it hard [...]

TTC: How using one simple word can make you feel calmer and more in control

TTC: If I told you there was one word that would help you feel calmer and more in control, would you want to know what it was? If you're fed up with mulling over the [...]

TTC: How to tame your shadow-side

TTC: Many of us really struggle with trying to have a life that isn't totally consumed by our baby making difficulties. It can feel at times like we've lost ourselves amidst the blood tests, injections, [...]

TTC: My top Yoga for Fertility stress relief pose

TTC: If you only have time to do one yoga pose in your day - try Viparita Karani (legs-up-the-wall pose). It's the queen of fertility yoga poses, and anyone can practice it (partner's too). The [...]

TTC: How to forgive when you blame yourself

TTC: How do you forgive yourself when something happens and you feel you are to blame? Shame, blame and resentment are big part of a fertility journey for many of us. Forgiveness is how we [...]

TTC: 3 steps to harness anxious thoughts

TTC: How do you harness anxious thoughts? When you think about your fertility journey, what percentage of the time are you anxious? 50%? More? Many of us live with chronic anxiety as we ttc and [...]