TTC: Space. How often do we crave more of it? More space to breathe. More space to think. More space to just simply be. When life get’s on top of us we feel hemmed in. It’s hard to breathe, to move freely, to get your mind back on track. Can you relate? One way to create more space in the body as you TTC is to open up the energy channels and let prana flow through you. When we feel depleted or our body isn’t working as optimally as we would like it’s because this flow is blocked, often by our fears. Our breath can help to unlock this stuck energy and get it flowing again.

Try this: Close your eyes. Bring your right hand on your belly and the left hand on your heart. Relax your shoulders, allow your spine to be long and spacious, soften any tension in the chest or around the heart. Lengthen your breathing. Close the eyes and inhale right down to your hands on your belly and your heart. Exhale softly through the nose letting go of any tension around the jaw. Keep the spine long and feel the space you have created in your torso. Feel the breath smooth and easy coming in and out of the nose. Do this for 5 slow breaths. The add the mantra ‘I am spacious, I am soft’. Inhale and say to yourself ‘I am spacious’. Relax the shoulders, let go of any tension in the jaw. As you exhale say ‘I am soft’. Make the ‘oooo’ of the word ‘soft’ long and smooth and take it to the end of your breath. Soften the heart, create space in the chest and across the ribcage. Take your time. Continue for 10 slow breaths. Open the eyes gently and notice how you feel.