TTC: If you were to unfuck yourself, what age would you be?

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TTC: ‘Scuse the expletive, but I love this photo. If you were to unfuck yourself, what age would that be? When was it you felt balanced, calm and strong? When did you feel you could take on the world and do ANYTHING and be anyone? Think back to who you were then. Can you remember how [...]

TTC: A 6 step circuit-breaker to regain control

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TTC: When you're stressed do you notice that you're thinking negatively, or has it become so routine to think this way, that you don't even notice? It's easy to miss what's in front of you when you're focused on your fertility issues. Half the time we're not even aware that we're missing anything, we just trying [...]

TTC tips: Learning to stand up for yourself by saying no

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In this post about TTC tips (Trying To Conceive) I'm talking about learning how to stand up for yourself by saying no. How are you at this?  I'm terrible at it. Two little letters, surely easy to say? But no! So what's going on? I hate to admit it but I'm a people pleaser. As a [...]