Another great fertility yoga pose if you’re TTC. Half Lord of the Fishes pose gently massages the reproductive organs. The right bent knee (see photo) massages the right ovary, restricting blood flow. The magic in this pose happens when you release. Fresh blood flows into the right ovary, fallopian tube and right side of the uterus, nourishing and restoring.

There are lots of options in this pose to make it a little easier particularly if your TTC journey has made your body feel tight.. Sit up high on a folded blanket so that it makes it more comfortable to sit on the floor. You don’t have to bind the arms, particularly if you’re tight through the shoulders and lower back. Instead just grab the knee with the left hand and draw it towards the torso. The back hand can be on the floor (you can use a block if that makes it easier), but see if you can stay up on your fingertips so that you can keep the spine long as you twist. Then close the eyes and breathe. You may find that it’s harder to take a full breath in this twist. If that’s the case back off a bit so that you can soften the breath and allow it to flow. As you exhale visualise yourself wringing out all the stress and tension from the body, releasing it through the nose. Make the exhale long and smooth, and take it to the end of your breath (but without straining). Take 5 slow deep breaths here and release gently. Notice how you feel.  Repeat on the opposite side.