Executive Coach

I have been coaching C-suite and high-performing leaders and founders since 2008. I work in the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia, with global clients in a diverse range of industries such as Financial PR, Tech, FMCG and Government Agency.



Choosing Positivity

I accelerate the impact you desire by helping you to see life through a lens of positivity that builds self-belief and enables you to perform at your highest level.

Through my strengths-based coaching approach, I help leaders become who they’re meant to be. I help them to make a positive impact and contribution, and in doing so, find true fulfilment and meaning. This approach encourages leaders to ask and, through coaching, find answers to fundamental questions:


  • What do I really want?
  • What would I like to be different?
  • What’s missing?
  • Who am I becoming?



Trusting your wisdom

Central to my coaching practice is two decades of teaching, studying and speaking about wellbeing practices and mindfulness. As a stress relief specialist, I help leaders proactively manage the challenges of a high performing work environment. I provide tools and strategies that speak to your wisest self – allowing you to feel more in control, find your voice, be heard and grow in maturity.


I work with you to find ways to soften your inner critic and vocal imposter, and help you grow in authentic confidence so you can develop deeper connection and trust with your teams, senior executives and stakeholders.


We know from research that when we manage stress well, it builds self belief in our capacity to lead. By putting strategies in place to support wellbeing, leaders find they are not only happier and healthier they are also better able to perform at their highest level.





‘We’ not ‘me’

A resonant area of leadership for me is symbiotic growth. This is characterised by an interdependent, collective growth orientation, which helps leaders to learn and grow with-and-through others. I help leaders expand these capacities to develop their people and teams and bring them towards a shared vision. To do this I use tools such as: VIA Strengths Profiling, Reflective Positivity™ Leadership Program & A Wiser Vision Day.



Purpose Led

Successful leaders are driven and ambitious. But unpacking that ambition and the work ethic that goes with it, brings a richer understanding – often leading to questions like, ‘Who do you want to be once you’ve achieved your ambitions?’ and ‘How do you want to feel?’

Helping driven people align to their purpose is really why I do this work. I have found that those who are aligned with their purpose are happier, more able to increase their earning potential and more equipped to find balance.



Certifications & Qualifications

  • lECL (Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership) Level 1
  • lECL (Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership) Level 2
  • ACC (Associate Certified Coach) within the International Coaching Federation
  • AC (Association for Coaching) accredited coach
  • Roar People Global Coach, working with Dr Suzi Skinner on her flagship leadership program, ‘Reflective Positivity’ helping leaders access new perspectives that enable them to lead well.
  • Published author – Wellbeing stress management and coaching book
  • Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching
  • Certificate in Stress Management – Centre for Coaching
  • Prior to coaching, 10 years executive background in media, advertising and technology, working with global clients from diverse industries.





  • Executive Coaching & Leadership: Working with leaders in areas such as identifying signature strengths to lead effectively and deliver results; defining motivating goals & measures, through the creation of power questions that stimulate fresh thinking; building authentic self belief and /or countering imposter syndrome; developing EQ skills; motivating, inspiring and bringing teams with you
  • Wiser Leadership Wellbeing: providing senior executives with stress-relief strategies and tools so they are better equipped to build resilience and strengthen their capabilities
  • Onramp Coaching: improving the transition experience for senior women leaders returning to work from maternity leave or sabbaticals, resulting in increased retention, performance and bottom line benefits for organisations
  • Mentoring: of key leaders to increase performance, communicate effectively and elevate to more senior roles and responsibilities
  • Group Facilitation: bringing together teams to expand capacity and navigate complexity
  • Corporate Wellness Speaker: speaking to organisational teams about proactive ways to manage states of stress and anxiety, to build self-belief in their capacity to lead