Executive Coach

I have been coaching high-performing corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and founders for two decades, in London, Sydney, Singapore and Switzerland.


Choosing Positivity

I accelerate my clients’ capacity to have the impact they desire, helping them to see life through a lens of positivity that builds self belief and enables them to perform at their highest level. My strengths-based approach encourages leaders to ask and, through coaching, find answers to fundamental questions;


  • What do I really want?
  • What should I be doing differently?
  • Who am I becoming?

Purpose Led

Successful leaders are often ambitious. But unpacking that ambition and the work ethic that goes with it, brings richer understanding – often leading to questions like, ‘Who do you want to be when you’ve achieved your ambitions?’

Helping driven people align to their purpose is really why I do this work. I have found that those who are aligned with their purpose are happier, more able to increase their earning potential and more equipped to find personal happiness and balance.


Personal Wellness

Most high performing leaders agree that stress comes with the territory. How to manage stress, keep positive when faced with adversity or failure, and switch on your own inner champion to help you keep going is often the real challenge.
I’m a stress-relief specialist and support two key United Nations Sustainable Goals; that of, ‘Good Health and Well-being’ and ‘Gender Equality’. I have been teaching heart centered yoga and mindfulness practices for over twenty years. This expertise informs my work, helping leaders proactively manage anxiety and negative thoughts and behaviours to find more balance and equanimity at work.
We know from research that when we manage stress well it builds self belief in our capacity to lead. By putting strategies in place to support wellbeing, leaders find they are happier, healthier and better able to perform.


I am an IECL (Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership) trained Executive Coach, and a member of the Association for Coaching. I am a Roar People global coach, working with Dr Suzi Skinner on her flagship program, ‘Reflective Positivity’; helping leaders access new perspectives that enable them to lead well. Before coaching, I had a successful executive background in media, advertising and technology, working with global clients from diverse industries.


My specialities include:

  • Executive Coaching & Leadership: working with leaders to define and set plans around their purpose; transitioning into more senior roles; building self belief and / or countering imposter syndrome; developing EQ skills; motivating,  inspiring and bringing teams with you; identifying strengths to lead effectively and deliver results.
  • Mentoring: of key leaders to increase performance, communicate effectively and elevate to more senior roles and responsibilities.
  • Group Facilitation: bringing together teams to expand capacity and navigate complexity.
  • Wellbeing Support: providing leaders with stress-relief tools and strategies so they are happier at work, and better equipped to build resilience and strengthen their capabilities.
  • Onramp Transition Coaching: improving the transition experience for employees returning to work from maternity leave or sabbaticals, resulting in increased retention, performance and bottom line benefits for organisations.
  • Wellness Speaker: speaking to organisational teams about proactive ways to manage states of stress and anxiety, to build self-belief in their capacity to lead.

Some of the lovely things my clients say about my coaching style

“Mel always asks the hard questions – helping me to aim high, shape why I am here and maximise impact.”

“Mel is perceptive and wise, she has really helped me get out of my own way and focus on my strengths and abilities.”

“At work we call her ‘the vault’. She’s totally discreet and trustworthy.”